Kaisi innovates the mobile phone film industry, AI automatic film machine attracted attention in Hong Kong Electronics Show!

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Kaisi innovates the mobile phone film industry, AI automatic film machine attracted attention in Hong Kong Electronics Show!

In April 2024, Guangzhou Kaisiking Trading Co., Ltd made a stunning debut at the highly anticipated Hong Kong Electronics Exhibition with its newly developed AI automatic mobile phone film placement machine. This revolutionary product relies on efficient and accurate automatic film technology, which not only greatly reduces labor costs, but also improves the film process standards, and has aroused wide praise and high attention from visitors and industry experts.



Intelligent operation, 120 seconds to complete quickly

Kaisi's AI automatic mobile phone film placement machine uses cutting-edge technology to reshape the traditional film placement process, simplifying the tedious manual work into a one-click start intelligent operation. At the exhibition, the audience experienced the excellent performance of this device: simply put the phone into the designated position, the machine can accurately capture the phone model and screen outline through advanced visual recognition and positioning system. Then, the smart robot arm performs the precise coating action, from automatic cutting, dust removal to bubble-free attachment, the entire process takes only 120 seconds, showing amazing efficiency.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency, leading the industry change

In the face of the growing number of mobile phone users and the need for frequent replacement of film, the emergence of Kaisi's AI automatic film machine has undoubtedly brought a disruptive solution to the market. Its automated processes significantly reduce the reliance on manual skills, greatly reducing labor costs, while also avoiding film defects and rework rates caused by manual operations. This innovation is of great significance for improving the efficiency of batch laminating operations in mobile phone repair shops, retail stores and mass production environments, indicating that the mobile phone laminating industry is entering a new era of automation and intelligence.





Professional recognition, broad market prospects

During the exhibition, Kaisi's AI automatic laminators attracted many customers to try them out with their innovative design and excellent performance, and received unanimous praise from industry experts. Experts appreciate the excellent performance of the device in terms of accuracy, speed and user experience, and believe that it successfully fills a gap in the market and is expected to promote the standardization and specialization of mobile phone film services. Many exhibitors have expressed a strong intention to cooperate, optimistic about the product in retail, maintenance, customized services and other fields of wide application prospects.



Guangzhou Kaisiking Trading Co., Ltd's wonderful display at the Hong Kong Electronics Show once again demonstrated its entrepreneurial spirit of business development driven by innovation and technology and its brand purpose of "Enjoy · Quality". The advent of this AI automatic mobile phone film machine is not only a strong proof of Kaisi's deep accumulation and continuous innovation ability in the field of mobile phone accessories, but also brings unprecedented convenience and efficiency to mobile phone users and related industries around the world. With the further acceptance and promotion of the market, Kaisi is expected to consolidate its leading position in the field of mobile phone accessories operation with this product, and set a new benchmark for the upgrading and transformation of global mobile phone film services.