GB-108T Easy to get started with the fully automatic mobile phone film applicator

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[Nanny level tutorial] Easy to get started with fully automatic mobile film applicator guide: automatic cleaning, adaptation to multiple models and mainstream payment methods operation process


  The use process of AI automatic mobile phone film sticking machines usually combines intelligent recognition, precise positioning, and automated operation technology to simplify the traditional manual film sticking process, ensuring a more professional and consistent film sticking effect. The following are the functions and basic usage procedures of AI automatic mobile phone film applicators:



1. Starting and selecting services:
When the user approaches the film applicator and starts the device, the touch screen interface usually displays multiple language options for the user to choose the appropriate operating language.
On the interface, browse the service list, select services, and further select the appropriate film type for your phone model from the menu (such as tempered film, high-definition film, etc.).

2. Payment operation:
○ Payment is made through the integrated payment system, supporting mainstream payment methods, such as code scanning payment (WeChat, Alipay, etc.), NFC near field payment, credit card insertion or contactless swiping, and other possible digital currency payments.

3. Phone insertion and recognition:
According to the screen instructions, place the phone in a dedicated tray or slot inside the machine. The machine is equipped with an advanced visual recognition system that can automatically recognize the specific model of the phone.

4. Automatic cleaning stage:
After placing the phone, the film applicator will automatically start the cleaning program and use the built-in cleaning tool to comprehensively clean the phone screen in a dust-free environment.

5. Film application process:
After cleaning, the robotic arm of the film applicator will accurately grasp the film material that matches the phone model, and align it with the phone screen through high-precision alignment technology.
Subsequently, the machine will use pressure control and heating methods to ensure that the membrane perfectly fits onto the phone screen, while eliminating bubbles.

6. Remove the phone:
After the film is applied, the machine will prompt the user to remove the phone. Users follow the on-screen prompts or open the corresponding safety valve to carefully remove the phone with the film from the machine.

7. Confirmation and conclusion:
○ Users can check the quality of the phone film and seek after-sales service according to the instructions provided by the device if there are any problems; If satisfied, the entire process ends.